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Study Of An Assessment To Predict Which People Might Have A Difficult Airway To Manage During Surgery


Seeking men and women with either normal airways or airways that have been difficult to manage while under anesthesia for a study of a voice test might reliably predict people whose airways may be difficult to manage during an operation.


We are studying whether a simple voice study could alert a doctor caring for people in the operating room to use the extra precautions used for people with a difficult airway.

What we're hoping for

We hope that the voice analysis test being developed in this study will have the ability to predict which patients might have a difficult airway to manage in the operating room.

Additional Information Identifier: NCT03630003

 Principal Investigator

Jens  Walz, MD

University of Massachusetts Medical School

 Study Contact

Arlene  Williams


UMMS University Campus

55 Lake Ave North 

Worcester,MA 01655