Conquering Diseases

Convalescent Plasma To Stem Coronavirus For Adults Exposed To Covid-19


Seeking men and women who are at high risk of developing COVID-19 following an exposure to an infected person for a study to evaluate whether convalescent plasma, which is made from blood donated from a person who has recovered from COVID-19, might prevent or lessen the severity of COVID-19.


Participants will receive either plasma containing high levels of antibody against the SARS-CoV-2 virus or control plasma that does not contain antibodies to the virus. All participants will also receive routine care.

What we're hoping for

Evaluate whether convalescent plasma made from blood donated by people who have recovered from COVID-19 might prevent or lessen a COVID-19 infection for people who are at high risk of infection.

Additional Information Identifier: NCT04323800

 Principal Investigator

Jonathan M. Gerber, MD

University of Massachusetts Medical School

 Study Contact

UMass COVID  Plasma Team


UMMS University Campus

55 Lake Ave North 

Worcester,MA 01655