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Lifestyle Interventions for Patients with Ovarian, Fallopian or Peritoneal Cancer


This study is looking at lifestyle interventions for patients with ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer (cancer of the tissue that line the inside of the abdomen).


The purpose of this study is to find out if a change in diet and exercise can have an effect on the length of time patients are cancer free following initial treatment as well as how it impacts overall quality of life. Patients will be randomly assigned to either their usual diet and exercise regimen or a diet high in vegetables and fruit, low in fat and high in fiber, additional exercise requirements and lifestyle intervention coaching sessions conducted by phone.

What we're hoping for

We hope to find out how different diet and exercise regimens impact patients with these cancers.

Additional Information Identifier: NCT00719303

 Principal Investigator

Susan  Zweizig, MD

UMass Memorial Health Care

 Study Contact

Rebeccah  Sonn



UMMHC Memorial Campus

281 Lincoln St. 

Worcester,MA 01605