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Limiflex Control Site Study


Seeking adults with degenerative spondylolisthesis with lumbar spinal stenosis whose doctors have recommended back surgery to address the pressure on your spinal cord or spinal nerves


We are studying the difference between back surgery with spinal fusion and back surgery with an investigational medical device called LimiFlex to stabilize the spine after surgery to study the safety and effectiveness of the LimiFlex Device. No participants at UMass would have the investigational LimiFlex Device implanted on their spine during their back surgery. All participants at UMass will have posterior decompression surgery with spinal fusion.

What we're hoping for

Evaluate the long term safety and effectiveness of the LimiFlex Device for spinal stabilization as compared to spinal fusion.

Additional Information Identifier: NCT03115983

 Principal Investigator

Michael  Stauff, MD

UMass Chan Medical School

 Study Contact

Thomas  Barthel

508 856 3828


UMMH Memorial Campus

281 Lincoln St. 

Worcester,MA 01605